About us

ZS Global is Australian company whose parent company is in HongKong with name “DH Solar”, DH Solar have been working in Solar industry for more than 12 years, we have very good reputation socially, we are very proud of our products ,service and solutions for Home PV and outdoor PV, ZS global will be a solar expert to spread our business to Australia and New Zealand with excellent value locally which include :

1.Cost-effective and proven products for your Home and outdoor energy, save your energy bill and extend your outdoor life to anywhere have sun light.

2.Excellent service, we can base on your requirement for home, commercial property, boat, or RV to design in order to meet-and-exceed customer’s standard, and make sure our customers are well educated, and partly for real-time monitoring, we have clould service so that we can remotely know the status of your panels,inverters or battery.

3.Smart solutions, we will smartly recommend some possible application scenarios of Solar product to our potential customers so that they can know how to use solar products in their regular lives.

Business target, we are only focusing on distribution and wholesale for home PV market and for out door products we will spread them to retail market, and we are also have a online store to set up the top price.